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I haven't updated this thing in awhile. I remember when LJ used to be a big thing... instead, everyone's now on Facebook. So am I...

You know, it's been over a year since I left the CIM. And I think I need to say this to get it off my chest:

Chef John Lakatos, and Chef Raina Streeter: I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. When you told me that I "had the heart, but didn't have the talent," and to "re-evaluate my career options," it was heartbreaking. Up to that point, I felt that I was at the CIM for a reason, and that reason was to give my wayward life purpose and meaning. Hell, when you told me that, I should have lashed out at both of you. But that wouldn't have gotten me anywhere, now would it?

But instead of sitting here for the past two years, plotting your demise, I learned that living well is the best revenge. I got my diet in check, started running again, and learned to be awesome at something. So what if I can't roll out a baguette? I've become one hell of a cookie baker and started to add sheet cakes to my repertoire. Team in Training, my church, and my friends all love what I put out and if you tasted it, you'd like it too.

As for savory food, I admit, my knife skills still suck and other than a rough chop or small or medium dice, I seem to have forgotten the other cuts. That's okay; in home cooking, there's no need for garnish cuts. And yeah, sanitation is still an issue. At least I don't drop anything on the floor and put it on the plate, nor have I bled into foods from lackadaisical knife work. But I have committed to a cleaner kitchen and it's taking time, but it will happen.

And purpose and meaning? I found it again. I found it on the Lakeshore Bike trail, running toward Pere Marquette beach. I found it in my own kitchen, going through my cookbooks and learning to improvise recipes. I found it at Faithful to Felines cat shelter, taking care of abandoned cats.

Maybe I will see you again, or I won't. I still stop by the Sweet Spot every so often for coffee and conversations with Beth Adamson, and I talk to Greg Wade all the time about booze on Facebook. Even Chef Trevor and Chef Dennis give me the time of day when I'm there. So does Jamie.

Give it time. You'll hear from me again.

Respectfully yours,